10 Things you must take with you on a Hen Party

We know that planning a Hen party is hard, knowing what you should and shouldn’t take is one of the toughest decisions. You don’t want to take something that you won’t need, but then what if you do need it?! We’ve put together a list of ten things that you must take with you on a Hen party to make life a little easier.

1. Makeup
If you’re going out on the town then always pack your makeup. Remember that there are often 100s of photos taken on a Hen party, so you obviously want to look your best. If possible, pack two of everything, or more than you need just in case anybody forgets theirs, they will thank you for saving the day!

2. Headache Tablets
This one is crucial, especially if you’re drinking. Always pack a little first aid kit with things like plasters, painkillers and antiseptic. You don’t want to end up with a nasty bug bite..or even worse, bleeding feet from dancing the night away with no plasters!

3. Money
Take money, lots of money. If you end up in a city or town that you don’t know very well then finding a cashpoint can be tough. Take as much cash as possible, especially if you have plans to party the night away. It’s a good idea to leave some cash at your hotel though to avoid blowing it all at once.

4. Shoes
Obviously you will have shoes but remember, if you’re away for the whole weekend then you might need a few pairs. We recommend a pair of heels and a pair of flats, heels for partying, flats for chilling.

5. Tacky Stuff
A Hen do is not complete without a shed load of tacky things. It’s a good idea to come with an array of stereotypical things like, phallic straws, L plates and anything overly pink. Even if that’s not your style, it’s still pretty funny to bring these things and wear them ironically.

6. Phone Charger
This one is essential, especially if you are away for more than one night. Your battery can run down pretty quickly after you’ve taken 200 selfies so come prepared. Also, if the group splits up over the night, make sure you’ve got enough battery to contact each other!

7. Outfit
Plan your outfit in advance, but still take another one. Or two, just in case you change your mind on the night. Make sure you pack some comfy clothes too though for lounging. If you’re going away for more than one night, make sure you have enough of everything to tide you over and see you through.

8. A Playlist
Make up a playlist on your phone for the Hen do, pack it with all your favourite tunes but also make sure you get some cheesy anthems on there. You’ll appreciate a bit of 90s cheese when you’re drunk and decide to turn your hotel into a karaoke bar.

9. Food And Drink
Bring plenty of food and drink, even if you plan on going out for meals. Snacks are always appreciated when alcohol is involved. And of course, bring some soft drinks for the next day.

10. Energy
Depending on your itinerary, you may not get a lot of sleep. It’s a good idea to bring some glucose tablets or anything containing caffeine to keep you going throughout the day. Avoid mixing alcohol with caffeine and make sure that you and everyone you are with drink responsibly.