Five Different Ways to Personalise Your Hen Party

Hen parties are a great way for the bride-to-be to relax and enjoy some time with her friends before the big day. As such, they are an important celebration and need to be carefully planned to ensure that the hen is left with amazing memories. They can take many forms, from an active adventure to a day at a spa or a night out, and a personalised hen party can be even more fun. Here are five great ways to personalise your party.

1. A Personalised Theme
Giving a party a theme and having everyone dress in fancy dress is an easy way to throw a personalised hen party with guests being able to spend as much or as little on their outfit as they choose. A personalised theme that the bride loves, such as disco or pirates, can make a hen party more unique and fun. Another idea for the theme is the career or hobby of the groom-to-be, for example you could dress up as footballers, or police officers, or farmers.

2. Wearing Personalised T-shirts
Active hen parties are perfect for a bride who loves the outdoors, and could include archery, quad-biking or kayaking. Personalised t-shirts that the whole group can wear during the activity will help everyone to feel like a team and will make sure that even those who prefer to stay inside will feel included. Personalised t-shirts can be worn on any kind of hen party, and are especially great for wearing to the airport for a weekend away.

3. Wearing Personalised Sashes
Like a personalised t-shirt, personalised sashes can help everyone feel part of a group, which is especially important on a hen parties as guests tend to be a mixture of family, work friends and old school friends. Sashes also make a lovely keepsake from a hen party and can be worn over any outfit from fancy dresses to fancy dress. Whilst they may not be suitable for an active hen party, they are often seen at meals and on nights out.

4. Wearing Personalised Headbands
Another way to tie the group together is to wear personalised headbands. These fun accessories come in many styles and themes and are great for a weekend away. They can be worn throughout the holiday without needing to be washed, as a t-shirt would, and can be worn anywhere from the beach to a casino, although it may be best to take them off before going for a dip in the sea! Headbands can also be used as part of a fancy dress outfit, e.g. bunny ears or mini top hats.

5. Decorating with Personalised Balloons
If you are going out for a fancy meal or having a high tea where t-shirts and headbands might not be appropriate, personalised balloons are a perfect accessory. Balloons can be tied to the chair of the bride-to-be to help make her feel special, or can be used to decorate an entire venue.
Whatever type of hen party you are planning, personalising the party is a fantastic way to make it memorable. It can be done fairly cheaply and can help the group to feel more cohesive, making the hen party run smoothly.