Popular Locations and Activities for Winter Hen Parties

If done correctly, a hen party that is in the cold air of winter can be just as exciting than one that is done in the sweltering heat of summer. Everything has to be just right, and at The Perfect Weekend Company we understand that not only the activities matter, but also the location for them to take place.
Something that is probably self-explanatory yet is still worth mentioning is that certain activities can only take place in a specific location! For example, horse riding in the city, or a pub crawl in the countryside probably isn’t the best idea. Choosing a location for your hen do should be based on the personality of the group. If you see yourselves as a bunch of party animals that enjoy dancing until you drop, then a location in the city may be more suitable for you. The Perfect Weekend Company provide city packages that include trips to Manchester, Chester, London, Edinburgh or York.
City stays are also available in locations such as Brighton and Somerset, however the experience is completely different. Instead of being housed in a hotel, you stay in a house than can accommodate up to 27 people! These cottage packages ensure plenty to relax and have well needed girl time, as well as enjoying the nightlife these places have to offer with your pals! Also this is beneficial if the conditions aren’t the greatest, and a night in is all you desire.
For every party animal out there, there is always a more calm and peaceful character, this is where the more relaxing weekend packages come into play. There are many luxurious activities that accommodate these weekends, such as afternoon tea in front of stunning snowy scenery, a divine wine tasting session or even a mini manicure or pedicure. All of these activities are indoor based in order to keep you away from the conditions outdoors.
However, if you are looking to embrace these, there are outdoors activities that can suit your needs like archery, that can be done in any conditions. There are also horse treks, paintballing and even zorbing available in our active package weekends.
If you are in touch with your imaginative side, then there are activities available to facilitate this. These are such as creating beautiful corsages, buntings and garters, that can leave a more permanent souvenir from a weekend with your girl friends.
These activities and popular locations are all available at a very competitive price at around £200 per person. For the amazing weekend that you’re about to embark on, it makes perfect sense to take a little out of your purse in order to have an experience you’re never going to forget!