How to Prepare for the Perfect Winter Hen Party

The hen party. One of the many traditional routines that fall into the typical wedding process, the time where the stress can stop, and the partying can begin. No one complains about a hen party, and why would you? There will always be a way to have a good time with your closest friends, and this also includes if the weather is due to take a turn for the worse…
There are many of hen party ideas that can take place in winter, for some brides to be, a trip down to the local for a few drinks is good enough for them! However, some brides prefer to go for the unorthodox choice, or one that shows off their personality a little more. This is where The Perfect Weekend Company step in, whatever idea captures your imagination, they can put this thought into action! Here are a few ways to prepare for a wonderful winter hen party.
Theme It
Use the time of year to your advantage, and put a twist on the usual dressing up element of the gathering. Especially if the hen do is near Christmas, then why not raid the local fancy dress stores that will be sure to be full of outfits such as Santa, Reindeers, Snowmen etc. This will allow you to put a new twist on fancy dress, and perhaps share a few more laughs than in the traditional fancy dress costumes.
Location, Location, Location!
You may have an idea about what activities you may want to do whilst on the hen weekend (we’ll get to that later), however there is a whole different debate about where these should take place! If you are more interested in a couple of days in a hotel with nightlife around every corner, then perhaps a more urban location is for you. There are packages available in cities such as Chester, York, and London. During the winter months, this kind of break would be for the ladies that prefer to stay in the warmth of the inside, whilst still traipsing at the same time. However, for the perhaps more adventurous women, there are weekend packages that facilitate this. An active break away could be the perfect way to make the close knit group of friends even more close! Weather permitting seeing as it is winter, there is archery and zorbing available if you are looking to embrace nature.
Activities On Offer
Whatever kind of person you are, indoor activities can always be an enjoyable experience. Especially in the winter, where the weather may not be as kind! Hotels are always on offer, or other accommodation such as glamping resorts! These are accompanied by many different activities such as beauty treatments like manicures, pedicures or spa sessions if you are looking to top up on your dazzling look. This means that the cold weather need not matter, however if you are looking for a more outdoor experience then there is bike riding, rock climbing or general walking through the countryside with the crafty weekend package.