What To Put In Your Hen Party Gift Bags

The Perfect Hen Party Gift Bags
When you’re organising your hen party there are so many details to consider that there’s a risk that you might overlook the hen party gift bags. But it’s a real chance to say a big thank you to all of your girls- all of those friends who’ve put up with the pre-wedding nerves, all of the bridesmaids who have stood through dress fittings and hair trials with you: all of your support system. And it’s a great opportunity to have some fun! So, what would we suggest that you put in them?

There is such a fabulous range of badges and stickers available these days that this is a definite must have! Badges help your gang to feel part of the event, and if you personalise them they can also be used to identify all the members of your group; very useful if they don’t all know each other so that nobody has to suffer that awkward moment of realising they’ve forgotten someone’s name. The many online badge or sticker companies will allow you to personalise your choice to fit with your taste and the theme of your hen night. Badges in particular make a lovely commemorative keepsake.

Tee shirts
The next step up from the badge, if your budget and bag size allow, are tee shirts. A traditional staple of the hen night, the tee shirt can be personalised to reflect the feel of the hen night and can come in a variety of matching- or coordinating- colours. We’d suggest perhaps a different colour for bridesmaids, or for the mothers and sisters of the bride and groom if they are at the hen party.

Individualised drinks
A really thoughtful but simple addition to the hen party gift bags could be an individualised drink reflecting the taste of the recipient. Most things are now available in smaller individual sizes, so that it’s easy to get hold of, for example, 75cl bottles of wine, or single portion sizes of pre-mixed drinks. Little bottles of cava, or better yet, champagne, make for a wonderful, glamorous touch in your party bag. The individual nature makes it easy for you to substitute a favourite drink for those who aren’t fond of fizz, or something soft for those who aren’t, for one reason or another, wanting to drink alcohol. Choosing the drink according to each guest’s personal taste is a thoughtful little touch.

An always popular choice, a CD can be as simple or as detailed as you want, and helps the whole group get into the party mood. Choose something that means something to you all, or a collection of upbeat music. Better yet, make your own mix cd with all the songs that matter to you and your gang.

Something just a little raunchy!
Modern hen parties can be composed of a pretty wide range of the women in your life, so go easy on this one if you’ve invited your mum, or your boss! But it wouldn’t be a hen party without something at least a little off-colour in there so it’s worth looking at the slightly tamer end of what’s available. This could range from the popular hen party garters, to one of the many novelty-shaped options.
Whatever you choose to put into your gift bags, you can be certain that the thought and care you have lavished on them will be appreciated, and remembered, for a long time to come.