Top 10 Survival Tips For Your Hen Party Weekend

The hen party weekend is a great old tradition that promotes female bonding and gives brides-to-be an excuse to unwind in the company of trusted friends. Attending one can also be very demanding on a person, though, especially if it’s your first ever. Here are 10 survival tips for hen party weekends that will hopefully take the stress off you and let you enjoy the event for the fun time it’s supposed to be.

1. Know What You’re Getting Into
Hen parties are a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to know what to expect of them. Some involve the traditional wild romp with plenty of alcohol, but others are closer to an extended tea party. Some activities aren’t for everybody, and that’s okay – but you need to know what’s coming in order to make that judgement.

2. Use the Internet to Your Advantage
There has never been a better planning and coordination tool than the World Wide Web. You can use it to ask the hostess any questions you might have about the party or to alert the others of scheduling conflicts that might crop up. Keeping everyone informed of what’s going with you will lessen everyone’s frustration.

3. Bring Supplies
There’s no telling exactly what you’ll need, but some extra water, an emergency snack and headache medication are good bets. If you can keep things like this on hand for when you need them during your weekend, nothing will slow you down.

4. Figure Out Your Finances
It’s traditional for these parties to be funded by the guests, but actually gathering up the money from the group (especially if there are a dozen or more ladies in it) can be challenging. Do your part by having your contribution ready, so you won’t have to worry about it when the event begins.

5. Be Ready to Take the Lead
As a hen party invitee, it’s up to you to not only enjoy yourself, but also try and make sre everyone else does too. While this might not become an issue depending on the interpersonal chemistry of your group, you may need to intervene if everyone’s energy starts waning. Try showing some extra enthusiasm or proposing a new activity to keep the gathering’s momentum going.

6. Disconnect
This goes for any instance that calls for you to be really invested in the present moment – try to avoid using your phone and encourage everyone else to do the same. Unless there’s some use for it in the actual party (as a camera only, for example), it will only draw your attention away from the festivities. Give your weekend the chance to stand on its own.

7. Allow For Some Downtime
It’s natural to want to make the most of the limited time you get to create this experience, but you have a whole weekend at your disposal. Giving yourself a little time in between outings or activities gives you a chance to process what you’ve just done, recharge, and be ready to fully participate in the next item on the agenda.

8. Don’t Overdo It
Whether you’re staying up all night playing games or spending your days exploring a new environment, hen party weekends can be strenuous for anyone, and they’ll stop being fun very quickly if someone gets sick or passes out. It’s important that you give yourself permission to stop if you feel yourself getting carried away.

9. Document the Experience
With any luck, your weekend will have brought your group closer together and created memories to last a lifetime. Such an event deserves commemoration. Be sure to take plenty of photos during your weekend and save any mementos you can salvage. Afterwards, you can put all this together into a package or scrapbook that is sure to delight the bride-to-be when you give it to her.

10. Keep It All In Perspective
The entire point of a hen party is to give the future bride a happy send-off to her singlehood. If she isn’t having any fun, the event isn’t succeeding at its goal. Nothing takes precedent over this; keep her in the front of your mind during the party, and do your best to show her a great time. She’s sure to return the favour when it’s your turn.
You have an exhausting (in a good way!) couple of days ahead of you, but there’s no need to worry. With the help of these survival tips for hen party weekends, you’re sure to come out of it in one piece.